An Absolute Greener Initiative

Absolute Investigations Inc., stands strong behind the green initiative for a stronger economy.  By actively participating in the use of alternative energy sources and promoting the same practices from our clients, we believe we can together make a difference.

How do we act upon greener business solutions?

Conservation of energy is a key goal we strive to meet.  We have converted our office light bulbs to the energy efficient series, and use technologies that are Energy Star qualified.  We also believe it is important to turn lights off and power down electronics when they are not being utilized.

Save a tree, and send electronically.

Absolute Investigations offers paperless billings to our customers, as well as paperless payroll to our employees.  The decision to transition to paperless resulted in significant cost savings all while reflecting positively on the environment.  By decreasing the amount of printed bills and service documents, we are able to have less of an impact on the energy and fuel consumption levels since there are less documents to produce and deliver to our clientele nationwide.

Let us help you Go Green!

Perhaps, one of our most favorite ways we gave back was when we encouraged the reusable way of life to our customers.  As thank you for the continued support, we sent our customers an Absolute Investigations Inc., branded, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-allergenic tote bag.  With these bags, our customers could show their support in the eco-movement with BYOB (bring your own bags) when going on their weekly grocery trips.

The demand for environmentally-friendly products and services continues to grow.  We are striving to adapt to these practices as they are presented to us, and welcome greener business solutions to become part of our norm.  By acclimating to these ways we can only see beneficial results in terms of reducing our carbon footprint, lessening business costs, and having a positive influence on others to want to contribute in the green movement and make a difference in the world.  It’s our responsibility to take this step in helping for a better tomorrow.

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